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My already good webcam was replaced by an even better one. Shall I increase my Skype rate? ūüėČ



and tons of cosmetics…

Thanks K.!

Want to please me as well? Simply send me UK or US Amazon GC or a monetary gift!

Birthday gifts

First bunch of birthday gifts have just been delivered, hopefully more are on the way… xx


It seems slave K. is hoping for some serious nipple play…


Another luxurious fur collar for my collection, also courtesy of slave K. This time it’s raccoon ūüôā


Such a great gift РTom Tom Sat Nav from slave B.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 08.31.49

3¬†GCs from K. and Mo…


Beautiful top from N.

If you have enjoyed our session, consider writing a review!

Easy & straight-forward way to please me is to write a few lines about our session, dinner, online training or other arrangement.


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 13.40.54




Expensive Lise Charmel lingerie set fits so well!


One of the reason why I keep personal slaves Рthey spoil me with fancy meals whenever possible!

Power bank and leather leggings

This week a wireless power bank (to charge my phone and iPad on the go) and lovely leather leggings were delivered – both courtesy of slave K.



These really pleased me…

Lovely leather and mesh girdle ordered from Coco de Mer¬†by slave K…

I will wear it for my next studio photo shoot!

MONT007-FrontAnd iPhone 5S bought for some of the recently received Amazon gift vouchers. That’s right. I intentionally did not order the latest model because that way I can keep it on my wish list and let one of you buy it.



More gifts…



First Christmas gift delivered

Slave K. was really fast sorting my Christmas gift out so it was already delivered this morning. I hope the rest of you gets inspired!

DSC_2626Yes, it’s the fabulous iPad Air 2!


London visit February

I will be available for domestic sessions in London February 18th – 21st. I will also consider other arrangements such as dining and shopping with slaves.

Detailed availability:

Feb 18th –¬†fully booked

Feb 19th Р afternoon available

Feb 20th – early evening available

Feb 21st – fully booked

If you are interested in a slot that is taken, email me your likes and phone no. anyway as cancellations do occur. Alternatively, keep your eye on this article or my tweets (@MistressArella)


Domestic РChiswick (spacious apartment)

If deposit paid £ 140 / hr, otherwise £ 170 / hr

30 and 45 min long sessions are possible though only suitable for less complex scenarios

Lunch, dinner Рfixed tribute of £ 120, complimentary for my personal slaves though

I strongly recommend to pay the deposit to secure the slot. If you cannot do that, contact me 2 days before the desired session to check my remaining availability. People sometimes cancel at the last minute and I may therefore be able to squeeze you into my diary.

Apply by email: mistress.arella@yahoo.co.uk

If you don’t hear from me within 24 hrs, resend your polite and detailed enquiry or contact me through Twitter (@MistressArella). Don’t chase me if you sent a one liner though, such get ignored on purpose.

I hope it goes without saying that only polite, detailed, mature enquiries will be dealt with. Make sure to include your first name, age, likes, limits, previous experience, preference for domestic vs dungeon settings, date, time and length of the session, medical limitations (if any) and oufit preference (if any). You can choose between leather, latex (limited collection), office style, casual wear, lingerie. Furs are available too.

Service oriented subs are most welcome though they may only serve me in a session as I am currently not recruiting any new personal slaves in London. However, pure servitude sessions may be a subject of lower rate. Enquire for details.

You may also talk to me on cam before you book the RT session. Perfect for the nervous types. Ask for a quote.

How to pay the deposit:

1. Bank transfer into my UK account

2. UK Amazon voucher

Dining wishlist:

The Glasshouse Рtaken

La Trompette Рtaken

Shopping: Westfield

Worn shoes, boots etc may be purchased after the session.

NOT ON OFFER: sexual services (including intimate body worship), nudity on my part, toilet training, needles, fisting, heavy breath play and other unsafe practices.

Presents are not expected, however, should you like to please me with a gift, choose an article from my wish list or get me the Westfield GC. You can also bring good quality black stockings or hold ups in Small size. No random gifts please.


For more femdom news visit hogspy.com.

Dubai visit – January

I will be revisiting Dubai from January 21st till 23rd and will be available for incall appointments as well as other arrangements as described below.

Those who have met me before or those willing to pay an up front deposit of 150 USD can book anytime, the others shall contact me in 1-2 days advance to check my remaining availability.

Rates (non-negotiable):

If deposit paid, if we have met in person or interacted on cam before: 2000 AED / hr, otherwise 2500 AED / hr

EUR, GBP, USD welcome

Shorter sessions of 30 and 45 min will be available for less complex scenarios and for novices unsure of their likes.

The rate may be slightly lower if you are interested in a pure servitude session. Typical tasks: shoe shine, hosiery and lingerie hand wash, butler duties, pedicure, manicure, foot, leg and hand massage… Enquire for details.

Limited servitude outside sessions may be possible if I find us very compatible in the session or during cam interaction. Cam interviews typically last half an hour and tribute of 150 USD for my time is required.

Most bdsm and fetish preferences are catered to but no sexual favours (including intimate worship), nudity on my part, toilet training, extreme and unsafe activities of any kind (including heavy breath play, fisting, needles) can be requested.

On top of that I will be available for lunch and dinner appointments for which an up front deposit would be required if booked separately from a session. You can choose a restaurant from the short list below.

Burj Al Arab Al Mahara


Ristorante Armani  Рtaken

Celebrities Рtaken



Should you wish to take me shopping, I will only accept if you prove yourself genuine in one of the ways below:

1. Booking a real time session, lunch or dinner prior to the shopping appointment – with deposit paid.

2. Booking cam interview prior to the shopping appointment.

3. Sending me a gift voucher of my choice prior to the shopping appointment.

4. Having verifiable references for the same sort of arrangement from another established international pro domme.


If you are inclined to gift dommes, choose something from my wish list  such as my favourite EDT or get me a GC for the Dubai Mall.  You can also bring good quality black hold ups or stockings in Small size or camel milk chocolate. Please no random gifts as you may not get it right.

That being said, presents do please but are not by any means required or expected.


Apply by email: mistress.arella@yahoo.co.uk

If you don’t hear from me within 24 hrs, resend your polite and detailed enquiry or contact me through Twitter (@MistressArella). Don’t chase me though if you sent a one liner, those get ignored on purpose.

***Only polite, clear enquiries that say WHO is interested in WHAT, WHEN and for HOW LONG will be dealt with. You don’t need to write long paragraphs, just make sure you don’t sound vague, disrespectful or immature as I only see people who meet my high personal standards.***


A colleague of mine informed me about a highly dangerous client in UAE. I may, therefore, ask some applicants for a reference from another pro domme. Please don’t get offended if I do so!


For more femdom news visit hogspy.com.

Detailed availability:

Jan 21st: 10:00 Р17:00 (sessions must end by 17:00 latest)

Jan 22nd: 10:00 Р15:45 (sessions must end by 15:45 latest)

Jan 23rd: 10:00 – 12:00