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Two special gifts

Do I need to say how delighted I was to receive these two special gifts – one from each of my personal slaves?


It is my birthday in April and I absolutely expect to be spoilt on this special occasion!

My Amazon wish list is available for those who have served me before. All the other fans are kindly asked to get me either the UK Amazon gift voucher or to tribute me.




iPhone 6 plus

There were so many Amazon GCs coming last week that I decided to treat myself and swap my iPhone 5s for this gorgeous iPhone 6 plus. I´m loving the extra large screen. Keep the gift cards coming, boys!


I just got…

Two generous Amazon gift cards that you can never go wrong with! Thanks K. and G.!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 13.39.42

Heavy duty leather hood – great addition to my bondage collection.



Ted Baker shirt looks great with the previously received Reiss pencil skirt and I also got this elegant Karen Millen top.

All three gifts are courtesy of K.

A couple of birthday gifts

There were also some cash donations and things I did not take pictures of but the major present from my favourite slave is yet to come so I will post a snap later on.