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Funny enquiries 5

Generic guy: I want to be your slave without financial servitude. Interests: female domination, chastity, wax play, teasing, bondage….

My comment: Yeah, and I want Lamborghini Aventador, a mansion with pool, private chef and huge garden. Which does not mean it’s gonna happen. I may surely keep dreaming about it  but I don’t email random strangers and ask them to provide it. That’s the difference between the two of us. You are fool and I am cool.  


Now read carefully, retard:

What you actually mean is “I want a service but don’t want to pay for it”. Financial servitude is a different thing altogether.

Client of a pro domme (even if he calls himself “slave”) = someone who pays for a specific time limited femdom or fetish service, the payment is often referred to as “tribute”.

Tribute is not optional just like payment in a restaurant is not. This is the easy part, right?

Financial slave = someone who tributes a domme without actually requesting sessions (real time or online) or anything else in return. I know, you struggle with this concept but it works for some people. Here we talk about financial servitude UNLIKE in the case above.

A pro domme (pretty much any domme who has website or professional images) = a woman who charges for her femdom or fetish services at all times unless you are lucky enough to be her partner or perhaps a valued friend. Think of a masseuse. She is not gonna rub your back for free unless the two of you are in relationship no matter how much she enjoys giving massage. Also not too difficult I hope.

If you want a lifestyle domme, get one. If you want a pro domme, don’t pretend you did not know tribute would be required.



Poll 2 results

I am very pleased that most of you voted for leather and it seems quite a few of you guys like furs too. Awesome!

POll 2

About online creeps

Apart from general timewasters (people who pretend to be interested in a session or other arrangement when they really are not so serious) and cheapskates (those very much interested in an encounter but unwilling to tribute for the privilege), the most annoying category of people who have the nerve to contact me are the so called online creeps. They are highly desperate blokes who instead of joining a local dating site have this “brilliant” idea to approach us dommes (I bet it happens to porn stars and models too) with brief description of themselves and sometimes a photo. They certainly don’t beat around the bush and despite their apparent loneliness they don’t come across as shy guys either. In fact, it is all pretty straight forward for my taste. The guy wants a girlfriend or a wife without: a) investing any time b) investing any energy / efforts c) investing any money.

Granted, odd things sometimes happen. I may be enchanted by the stranger’s courage to send me such a creepy email and respond back. Maybe I am as lonely as he is and appreciate any sort of human contact. Maybe I am just about to change my partner and this guy seems to be fitting the bill perfectly. That is all very well possible.



Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 21.09.41


I will appreciate if you express yourself in this poll. xx


Worship & serve

What do you think of when you see a Lady who is wearing genuine furs? Is it luxury, dominance, cruelty, fetishism or something else altogether?




The fur poncho as well as the sexy Karen Millen dress is a gift from slave B. I love the way it shows off my feminine figure!

Gifts March 28th 2013

Today I got this lovely bouquet and these wonderful Belgian pralines from my slave no. 1.



Another fur coat

What a nice surprise! I got another lovely fur jacket yesterday. This one is a lighter (rex rabbit / fox) version for the higher temperatures of spring and fall. Because it´s knitted fur, it feels oh so good on naked skin. 🙂