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Some more credit card treats

Just some of the treats from K.

Thank you.

Almost Christmas

Christmas is almost here! I enjoyed some shopping in Dubai with one of my personal slaves in November and yesterday this brand new iPhone 7 plus was delivered – courtesy of another slave of mine. Nothing to complain about! Anyway, keep the gifts coming, boys. You know how greedy I am, right? 😉



Spoiled and pampered





2nd batch of August gifts





Thanks K., N. and G. for the most recent gifts – skirt, top, cosmetics, popcorn maker, the generous gift voucher etc!

I almost forgot

to mention another birthday gift I got. It´s a top quality suitcase that also happens to be huge so I´m totally ready to travel with all my kinky stuff now! Thanks A.!

I was also given some gift cards – again much appreciated… xx


Look what I got this week…

I was very excited to find this chic leather handbag in one of the packages that were delivered this week. Seems K. is back and happy to serve again!


Large tributes

Large tributes are incredibly rare to receive in general and somehow it is even more true these days. It seems just about every devoted slave loves to get me stuff but when it comes to cash, there is clearly a lot less enthusiasm towards that. Let me tell you that I have bills to pay just like anyone else (surprise surprise).

The true is, I do sell my (used) stuff regularly – mostly to compensate for the lack of tributes but also to declutter my house as heaps of stuff make me feel suffocated. I guess I would qualify as a minimalist, although one who constantly desires new stuff. Confusing, huh? 😉


This week

This week a lot of stuff was delivered to my house. Namely these nice leather boots that will be great for fall purchased by B. and a massive box of all sorts of things bought by K. It´s getting impossible to take a picture of every single item you guys keep buying me so you will have to trust me on that ;-).

IMG_0100 (1)-1920

iPhone 6 plus

There were so many Amazon GCs coming last week that I decided to treat myself and swap my iPhone 5s for this gorgeous iPhone 6 plus. I´m loving the extra large screen. Keep the gift cards coming, boys!