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An afternoon with a financial and shopping slave

A few days ago I found the website of Mistress Arella. I was in Prague on holiday and was looking for a local domme, to serve Her as a cash slave. Mistress responded promptly. She first verified my genuineness by ordering me to get Her an e-gift voucher, then instructed me to turn up to Her favourite mall the following day. She also warned me that I shouldn´t be late. Unfortunately I arrived 1 minute late while Mistress arrived 5 minutes early so She actually had to wait for me in front of the cafe where She wanted to have a drink and get to know me a bit. She hates doing that, She told me. I realize that it really is not appropriate for a Mistress to wait for Her slave.

Mistress pointed to a secluded table. After we ordered, She started asking me all kinds of questions. She mainly wanted to know whether I have served a woman financially before, whether I have ever served the same woman more than once, what kind of women were they etc. She was also curious about my age, profession, dating status and whether I enjoyed any other ways of servitude or BDSM. After half an hour, Mistress said She would now take me to the cash-point. As we walked there, I suggested that I could also take Her shopping afterwards. She smiled as if She had anticipated this proposal. I think She actually had.

We had agreed the amount I would hand Her over at the ATM by email so the transaction was fast and smooth. I entered my Pin and once the cash (5000 CZK / 200 euro) was released, I took a step back so that Mistress could reach the money. She swiftly moved the banknotes into Her purse. This very moment was so extremely exciting for me that I got a solid hard on and at the same time started feeling even more subservient towards Mistress. She noticed I felt emotional and allowed me to kiss Her hand. What a nice treat.

Mistress then said She wanted to buy some lingerie in a French boutique that we passed on the way to the ATM. Once in the shop I was ordered to hold Her chosen garments – three pairs of lacy panties, a matching camisole, a satin bath-robe and a black suspender belt. „It will take a while to try all of these on“, said Mistress. I asked whether I could smoke a cigarette in the street in the meantime. „Out of the question“, replied Mistress. She wanted me to stay around in case She needed some assistance. On top of that Mistress doesn´t like smoking so I wouldn´t be allowed to smoke anyway. Mistress asked me to draw the curtain of the fitting cabin so I was left on my own. Actually it was such a small shop that I thought Mistress wouldn´t mind if I waited outside as She could still see me from the fitting area. I was wrong. Mistress needed to exchange the panties for a different size and I failed to be on hand. I wasn´t even looking in Her direction so I think She was considering calling me by phone but then we made an eye contact and I realized She didn´t look too happy. I swiftly returned to the fitting room and took Her instructions regarding the sizes. She also told me which things She had decided not to buy. At the end I bought Her all the panties She tried on, and the delicate bath-robe. As we were leaving the shop, I obediently carried the bag and also Mistress´s jacket.

Next stop was a cosmetics shop. This time Mistress chose an eye-cream, a make-up remover, a few travel-size body lotions, facial peeling and a luxurious facial masque. I paid again and at that point Mistress said that She believed I had been sufficiently financially drained by Her and that She had no further demands.

I told Mistress how much I enjoyed serving Her that way and that I would love to do it again anytime I´m in Prague. I explained that I usually visit this beautiful city twice a year so there would be some future opportunities. Mistress looked pleased. Before we said good-bye I begged Her to take a few pictures of me should She wish to post them on Her blog. I was extremely proud to be Her financial slave and wanted everybody to see and know.


dear Mistress,

I want to thank you very much again for exploiting me financially this afternoon! It was so exciting and horny for me that I now wish to serve you in this way on a regular basis. I have decided to start wearing the chastity device for you and will only take it off each time I pay you.

I can’t stop thinking about You. I’m now really sure that the purpose of my life is one and only: to serve You as a money-slave and pay-pig.

Your slave Matthias

Serve Mistress Arella

Fresh treats from my pets








As you can see on the pictures, I am being showered by gifts on a regular basis. To name a few, I got four huge boxes of my favourite Mighty Leaf tea, plenty of cosmetics, soft fur scarf and leather / fur gloves to keep me warm during this harsh winter, and, of course, an impressive bouguet.

Do you like dominant women driving sports cars?

Mistress Arella's car


A very special gift

My personal slaves know how much I appreciate timeless style, beautiful design and great quality when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. I was given this beautiful Baume et Mercier watch a couple of days ago. To say that I like it very much would be an understatement. I am completely in love with this gorgeous Swiss piece of art!



Another fur coat

What a nice surprise! I got another lovely fur jacket yesterday. This one is a lighter (rex rabbit / fox) version for the higher temperatures of spring and fall. Because it´s knitted fur it feels oh so good on naked skin.



Christmas 2012

dear fans, admirers, servants and properties,

many thanks for all the amazing Christmas gifts including those not featured in this post.





 SAM_0851 SAM_0852

 I especially love my luxurious mink coat!

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