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Recently you treated me to…

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 16.35.43

2014-07-16 20.17.44Actually the webcam I have had for a while but forgot to post a picture…


I did not like maths at school but…

It is rather fun to count all my tributes at the end of each month!


Another pair of leather boots for the Mistress!

Contrary to popular belief we Mistresses don’t only wear killer heels. In fact we often prefer a pair of elegant, feminine yet reasonably comfortable shoes such as those I received this week.


Leather wishlist

Leather shoes and boots always make lovely gifts…!

Update July 9th: These booties were paid for by my slave’s credit card.


Update July 13th: These lovely leather shoes already found a sponsor.

Jonak booties


Update August 25th: These stylish walking boots were just ordered by one of my fans. 



Ask for my PO Box where gift vouchers are not available (dom.arella@gmail.com)


I hardly ever call my slaves “piggies” but this short video my Pet took for me in a toy shop is kind of cute…


This birthday gift was seriously delayed but better late than never!


Sexy leather

That was fast. I put these items on my wishlist only a week ago and here they are!




This week

This week there were a few Amazon vouchers delivered into my inbox as well as a couple of cash donations that I received by PP. It is really mostly slave G. who is so humblingly generous but I have no doubt many of you, guys, are just about to grab your wallet and blow my mind ;-).


I used some of the vouchers to get myself a Nikon camera.


Hot boots

I came across these lovely leather boots today and could not help thinking how sexy they would look in my next photo shoot combined with a tight leather skirt. Mmmm…

Update June 26th: The boots as well as the skirt were sponsored by my kind Unterwuerfling




Instadommes, pathetic wannabe findommes and other timewasting ladies

Frankly, it was to be expected that a classy findom website like mine would get a lot of unwanted attention from other women keen to harvest “free” money. A few times a week I get an email such as those below from some young girl who begs or commands me to share my know-how and success recipe with her. Naturally, these ladies offer nothing in return whatsoever. They only demand, expect or cry for help. A year ago I had no idea women could be this pathetic. Their naivety, arrogance and twisted perception is simply mind-boggling and I am yet to get my head around it.

When I was entering the world of femdom in 2007, I first picked literature and googled the internet extensively. Next I started meeting all kinds of kinksters for amateur sessions while charging them just a small fee (often as low as 50 GBP for whole hour of my company) to compensate for my lack of experience. Some of them were happy to mentor me and I appreciated that. Later,  I went to fetish clubs whenever possible. I advertised for personal slaves. I started building my fetish wardrobe and scheduled numerous photoshoots. I just liked the whole lifestyle. It was great fun just as it was hard work, often with degree of  emotional labour involved. When I eventually decided to specialize in distance arrangements in 2013, I already had enough knowledge of Ds dynamics as well as plenty of hands on experience to know what I was doing.

This is not to say that these inexperienced, clueless women have zero chance to succeed. There are many guys who have so little self respect that they couldn´t care less about who they serve. And no, I´m not saying every bloke who doesn´t pick ME has issues. There are hundreds of gorgeous, established, genuine and smart dommes who deserve all the tributes they get and more. It would be so beneficial for the whole femdom scene if more guys went for those real Mistresses as opposed to the instadommes.

***Ladies, there´s nothing wrong with being a beginner, just make sure your attitude doesn´t suck!***

Bez názvu

Bez názvux


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