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Such a nice Christmas gift

I got a few nice gifts this Christmas but my favourite one is the iPad air that is so much fun! I am not really into gadgets so much but this one I’m really enjoying. Now you can chat with me on Skype virtually anytime!


So many treats…



Special ignorance cam

available now for total losers who can’t afford my regular Skype rates. Email for details.


Christmas wishlist

My favourite time of the year is approaching again so here are a few ideas how to please me. For more detailed wishlist visit my other website. Now which one is it going to be? And don’t forget that you simply can’t go wrong with cash!

Agent Provocateur


Amazon Gift Card



Just some of the most recent treats…

SAM_1411 SAM_1415 SAM_1416



Finger condom

Findom stories

Are you an author of a short findom story? Feel free to email me your work and if it does read well, I will gladly publish it on this blog. Do not send any stuff that you don´t own copyrights for though!


Artist Alex Cherry


Lace & nylon


The leather booties were purchased for me by slave James, the lingerie I got from Nigel and stockings are treat from B.

Does serving a domme make you hard?


Young, hot and wicked…


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