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hello fans,

I would like to do another professional photoshoot in Prague soon. If anyone would like to sponsor it, I would be delighted.

I can give you a set of not to be published images from that particular shoot or can treat you to some Skype time or you can even attend the shoot itself if you are based in Prague (if you want to actively participate, you would need to be of athletic built and be comfortable showing your face or at least most of it).

The estimate cost would be 220 eur.




Holidays with a toyboy slave

Where do I start? I had such an amazing time with my sexy Middle Eastern slave this month! We spent six days together, half of the time in Prague and the rest in Berlin. We had some nice meals and of course I was taken shopping in both cities. In Prague I was pampered with a visit to my favourite spa where I decided to get extra naughty and treat us both to a Romeo and Juliet couple massage combined with rose petal bath. Drinks, candles and fresh fruit that we fed each other with – if it sounds romantic, it was! The massage was from heaven and we could had easily spent the whole afternoon in the bath. Nothing makes you feel quite as royal and spoilt as this treatment.

On Wednesday the slave and I flew to Berlin. This was already our second holidays together but actually the first time we travelled with each other. I did not expect much more than the usual airport nuisance but I was wrong. From the first minute the slave took great care to ensure I had everything I needed – snacks, drinks and, of course, fun. He did his best to relax me on the flight by putting headphones with calming music over my ears, his muscular arm served as a comfortable head rest and he was being silly kissing my feet and hands on the plane (and later on in taxi) which was just irresistibly cute.

When we checked into our apartment, my charming toyboy slave was put to work immediately – tea was prepared, clothes were ironed, feet were massaged. We then went out for dinner and on the way back the slave made sure urgently needed cosmetics was found and purchased. I was amazed.

The next day after lunch we had a session scheduled in the famous Avalon studio. We got a well equipped room with a prison cell that turned out to be perfect for us. After some warm up torture on the bondage rack the slave decided to challenge me – something I already experienced in our last session we had in Dubai last year. I was impressed with his courage and his overall attitude. Once he was locked up in the cell, I took the key out of the room thinking about all the teasy scenarios I could now explore. Little did I know my young, fit slave would manage to escape from the massive cage within a couple of minutes. Was I having a session with a talented escape artist? It was clear I had to try harder so I made N. wear bondage mittens that were then attached to the bars of the cage in a rather complicated manner. The slave was made extra uncomfortable by wearing a collar with pins inside. Now the real tease could begin as I was wearing no panties – I previously used them to gag the slave who was being rather loud while being tortured on the rack.

What happened next I will keep private. Later on the slave was suspended by his arms and whipped mercilessly. Half of the time he was on his tiptoes and for the rest he was just hanging there with his feet in mid-air. I was totally amused by the time I was done with him, especially as he was encouraging me to make him as uncomfortable as possible. To calm the slave down I provided some aftercare / TLC at the very end of the session. We spent the rest of the day in the apartment where N. prepared my dinner and bath and of course pampered me with another relaxing foot massage. Later, when I was already in bed, he hand-washed my lingerie.

In the morning the slave was nowhere to be seen so I entered his bedroom quietly. This is always a very special moment when I wake my favourite personal slaves up. He opened his eyes immediately and jumped out of the bed to prepare my breakfast. He insisted on feeding me the banana I asked for by cutting it into pieces and putting them into my mouth one by one. We then did some sightseeing, had lunch and indulged in more shopping. N. later attended a business meeting which could possibly result in his relocation closer to me while I went for a swim in the hotel pool. When he got back I could see he was becoming emotional as we would be leaving the next morning, something he was actually anxious about from the beginning of our holidays. I did my best to reassure him I was counting on him for the future as he was seriously disturbed by the idea that I might get rid of him one day. We then fooled around a bit and the slave was granted the biggest possible privilege – to worship my exquisite body. As a souvenir he was allowed to keep the thong I was wearing that night. In fact he was so proud of the little gift he got from me that he was wearing it around his neck as a scarf the next morning. I love it how he´s always trying to make me laugh.

I am already thinking about our next holidays although it may be a few months before we will be able to meet again. That gives me enough time to prepare a D/s contract that I plan to give N. to sign.

Rose petal bath for two with drinks and fruit platter

My slaves know I like flowers

Feeding my slave snails in a Berlin brasserie


From Mistress´ Diary part 4

Around the time I broke up with slave B., two new wonderful personal slaves found their way into my life. They are different age, nationality, ethnic background and have different family status as well as the overall lifestyle but one thing they do have in common – both grew extremely devoted to me over the time. Naturally, there have been a few disappointments along the way as one would expect in any relationship or personal arrangement. What really counts, though, is that things have progressed very well with both of them lately.

My English slave K. decided to prove his loyalty by offering to get a brand of my ownership anywhere on his body as per my preference. This is something I haven´t explored with any of my slaves yet and I instantly felt intrigued.  The slave is now looking into various designs and he should get one of them tattooed later this spring. The kinkiest bit actually is not the tattoo itself but rather the fact, that K. is married and this obviously WILL have consequences for his marriage.

The other exciting news is that K. has just ordered a Platinum credit card for me. It will be handed to me personally in a few weeks time, probably as part of our next session. This does not only make me feel so spoilt, it naturally gives me some extra power over my slave. Something I genuinely thrive on.

My Middle-Eastern slave N. is not married but is limited by his very demanding job. His major ambition is to eventually relocate to Europe so that he can be closer to me and serve me better. By the time this happens, we should be able to meet in between his work projects, possibly as often as every two months. N.´s way of servitude is extremely self-less. He stood out of the crowd already the first time we met when he impressed me with the largest tip I had ever received from anyone in a session. The other mind-blowing thing about N. is that he will happily serve and treat the people I love just to please me. This is very rare because there´s nothing sexual or kinky about it. It´s pure servitude at its best.

I am very curious about what´s coming next in my D/s arrangements and whether there will or will not be any new personal slaves accepted this year. As all of you know, the bar had been set high and hardly anyone is given the chance to become my owned slave.

From Mistress´ Diary part 3

August 2014

It all feels really different all of a sudden. The dynamics is totally off as I don´t feel like dominating B. anymore. I also don´t feel like talking to him on Skype. When he asked me what I wanted to do during his visit this month, I said that it was up to him. That is so unlike me as I always like to decide.

He noticed that I hardly share any news with him these days.

September 2014

I made the hard decision not pursue the relationship with B. anymore. We should probably talk about our problems and try to fix them but it´s difficult as we are spending very little time together these days. In the past the slave used to work on various projects but since the beginning of this year he has been working for one company full time. That makes it impossible for him to come to Prague as often as he and I would like to and I´m getting bored, frustrated and demotivated in the meantime. He accepted the decision without much fuss. How very grown up of him. Deep inside he probably felt relieved that he would get the opportunity to look for an exclusive female led relationship, something he longs for but I am unable to provide.

It has not sunk in yet.

April 2015

I met the ex slave a few times since January. The first time I signed a new legal contract in which I was giving him my half of the property back. The other times he brought me a few things from The Netherlands and I helped him order some furniture for his flat. We also had lunch on one occasion. I think it was then and there when I realized that although I still enjoy his company a lot and he can make me laugh so easily, I am not especially interested to be his friend. It´s weird and wrong but I still feel like I should lead and guide him. I guess old habits die hard.

When I tried to explain that perhaps we should not see each other again as I found it upsetting, the slave somehow reacted to it more strongly than to the actual break up. I can´t really get my head around it. Maybe he felt I was rejecting him not only as a slave but as a person too but that was not the case. I was just desperate for us to move on.


Although genuine sadness followed our break up, I do not regret the decision as it eventually resulted in some extremely positive developments in my life. A few months after we split, I adjusted my life priorities and made a major personal decision that helped me grow as a person and move forward. I also realized that although in theory everyone is replaceable, people don´t really need to be replaced at all. When someone considered special is gone, you just learn to appreciate others more. By “others” I mean people, who would otherwise unjustly end up as no. 2 at best as they would never be given the chance to live up to their full potential. You open your mind, the universe takes notice and rewards you in ways you never thought were possible. 

From Mistress´ Diary part 1

December 2013

Recently B. and myself signed a purchase contract on a large flat that is located in the greater center of Prague. It will be mostly financed through mortgage that he secured from a local bank. The slave has another mortgage on the house he lives in in The Netherlands and also pays rent for his office but we don’t travel, shop or fine dine as much as we used to so it should work out financially just fine I think.

As I already mentioned, we are much more settled down nowadays. We still have a lot of fun together but the relationship is not fueled by sessions and mind games so much anymore. In 2012 we often met twice a month, occasionally even more often than that. I very strongly felt that the slave would have had hard time to manage without me. Now it feels different. We meet every 5-6 weeks on average and there have not been any crying episodes for at least 18 months now. Although I generally don’t like needy men at all, B. never came across as needy or manipulative even when he was a complete mess emotionally. You just see people differently if you respect them I guess.

In any case the relationship still feels pretty strong. I can’t imagine that the slave would let me co-own his property if he was not sure about us, especially considering I am not financially participating although I have invested a lot of time and efforts to make this happen, from checking offers to going to viewings, translating at bank, communicating with estate agents, gas company, electricians, furniture sellers, insurance company, setting up direct debits and standing orders etc.

Shortly after the contract had been signed, I moved some of my stuff in. “Welcome to your new home, Mistress”, the slave said and handed me a bunch of keys. We knew I would not live there permanently but would visit whenever B. was in town and of course had the liberty to be there even when he was away if I needed to or wanted to.

May 2015

The slave and I spent whole week together in The Netherlands this month. That is very unusual as we typically only spend a long weekend together every 6 weeks or so these days. B.´s parents went on holidays and they wanted him to house-sit their villa. I´m not sure but I think it was even their idea that we stay there together. It was very kind of them to allow me to join B. in any case, especially as they have never met me.

The slave picked me up at the airport as he always does. We hugged and headed to the parking lot. It was about half an hour drive to the village where his parents live. B. showed me around the modern ground floor first. I noticed fresh flowers in a vase in the kitchen. He usually gets me some. Allegedly I am the only woman he has ever bought flowers for. He really knows what to say to make me feel special. Next we headed to the basement where there was a good size swimming pool. I could not wait to take a dip. We moved upstairs where B. showed me my bedroom and bathroom. Everything was prepared for me by B.´s mum including towels and toiletries. Wow. I was impressed.

The slave had just replaced his no longer reliable Alfa Romeo Brera with a newish Toyota GT86. He has a black one while mine is metallic orange. Unfortunately that made money even tighter than before so we ate mostly in and focused on free or affordable activities such as museums, outdoor photoshoots, swimming in the pool etc. However, the slave suggested that we go to a huge fashion outlet one day. Probably not the best idea given the circumstances. Fortunately he did not spend a lot of money there as I only liked one shirt.

B. had put a lot of efforts into organizing the photoshoots. He asked a well-off friend of his if I could pose with his Maserati and Cesna. I was excited when the friend agreed. As slave and I talked about this upcoming photoshoot, I joked that perhaps I should make his wealthy older friend my sugar daddy. B. and I have very similar sense of humour and we always get each other´s jokes. Apparently not this time as he was afraid I might be serious! WTF?? I sometimes say I have made the wrong choice and, in fact, should be dating B.´s father or brother as they both have higher salaries than B. does. Interestingly, he never thought I might mean that.

Truly spoilt

I have been spoilt rotten this month! About two dozen gifts have been ordered for me including those that are still on the way. Thank you, boys!


Many thanks for all the Christmas and New Year gifts including the gift cards and cash credit. I love it all – the lingerie, jacket, shirt and everything else!



Some of the recent gifts modelled




All by K. and N. xx

K.’s journal

My life as a Slave

The Beginning

My journey as a slave began almost 22 years ago when I was just 17 years old. Other teen boys my age were probably looking at Playboy Magazines, I however stumbled across a magazine called “Forum”. This was a fetish magazine with interesting stories of Dominant women & sub men. This is where I first found that Dominant woman aroused me. I read the “Forum” magazine over a period of 6 months and noted that there were Personal Classified Ads placed in this publication. After saving my wages over a couple of months, I plucked up courage to book my first session with a Pro Domme.

The Ad read :

Double domination by 2 Mistresses £140 per hour.

I eagerly booked the session and booked a day off work, this was such an important moment in my life I can even remember the exact date 03/12/1993. I arrived at the session, the ad was only worded & did not have photos of the Mistresses. As they opened the door I was mildly disappointed, 2 women stood there, both in their mid forties & were not in the best shape. I did however proceed with the session, which involved mild spanking,caning,foot & leg worship. The Mistresses were friendly enough. They even asked me to donate to their Homeless Dog charity. The fact that this is my lasting memory of my first session obviously means it was not the most exhilarating session of my life.

Not put off by the disappointing first session, I began the search for another Mistress to serve, again an ad in the “Forum” this time the ad read :

Sexy South American woman mid Twenties All types of Domination offered.

I arrived at this session trying not to build up my hopes too much. A Lady opened the door, she was in her 50’s and my jaw dropped. “Please come in” she said. I reluctantly entered the building, my head was trying to think of excuses to leave. To my relief she said “I am Mistress’ Maid, Mistress will be with you shortly”. Suddenly my adrenalin started to build again as I looked around the room & realised I was in a fully equipped dungeon with a stone floor. This built the excitement even more, the wait for Mistress seemed to be forever but in reality it would have been 5 minutes. As I sat waiting I could hear Mistress’ foot steps as she walked down the hallway to the dungeon. As she entered I could see she was wearing thigh high leather boots, a short leather skirt barely covering her black lace panties and a leather top. The best way to describe her look would be to say she was a spitting image of Jennifer Lopez, including the sexy bottom. The session began with me having to worship her body, she then tied me to a St Andrew Cross. I was naked & helpless, my cock was hard which she promptly noticed and began whipping it hard with a cock whip. Nipple clamps were then placed on me and I was indeed completely helpless, exactly what I have dreamed of in the presence of a sexy Mistress. This was my fantasy come true. This is when I realised I had to be a slave.

Over the next few years I visited various Mistresses, some good, some bad but after each bad session, I always revisited the South American Mistress to restore my faith that this is the life I should lead. I visited her one last time in 2004 just before she retired. It was fitting that this would be my last session with her. She played an important part in the early years of me becoming a slave.

Stage 2 of my Slave development

I decided that I wanted to serve one Mistress on a regular basis, so my search began for that one Mistress. In 2005 I was lucky enough to meet a young very sexy Mistress, mid twenties, a lovely figure & a Mistress who offered the type of sessions I was looking for. The Mistress who is now a well established & well respected UK Domme offered excellent sessions. She enjoyed punishing & humiliating me and seemed to have distinct joy in providing watersports, each & every session. I believe this was her form of ultimate humiliation. At first I did not enjoy this but as time went on I just had to accept it. The sessions were very imaginative and I could see why she was gaining popularity. Over period of the 9 years I served her, it became increasingly difficult to book a session as she was always fully booked up. I would often try to gauge how much she wanted me to serve her, I even offered to take her out to lunch but eventually it was obvious to me that she would only ever want to see me during the 2 hour sessions we had every couple of months. This was disappointing to me as I had offered a lot of loyalty over a period of 9 years and was probably one of her most regular clients. This made me think that maybe it was time to move on & find a Mistress who could offer exactly what I was looking for in a Mistress/Slave relationship.

Mistress Arella

In 2014 I decided to create a Twitter account. I had previously been on various sites trying to find a Mistress to serve on a regular basis, this did not always go well as I came across many scammers, luckily I was wise enough to know when I was being scammed. Twitter however offered a new exciting way of meeting Mistresses. I corresponded with a few Mistresses, one of which I offered a chauffeur service, by another I was used as a slave to train a new Mistress. I then recall finding Mistress Arella’s Twitter profile, I remembered her from her time in London as I was always interested in serving her, but due to my loyalty to my ex Mistress I never got round to booking a session with her. Then came the news that Mistress Arella was to visit London in August 2014. This was an opportunity not to be missed, I promptly emailed Mistress to book a session. I thought I would just be seen as another ordinary slave, however Mistress Arella then asked if anybody could offer to be her chauffeur from Heathrow airport to her London apartment. After a moments thought I offered my services. This would prove to be one of the best decisions of my life.

During Mistress Arella’s visit I acted as chauffeur to a couple of destinations, including a viewing of a dungeon & I also accompanied Mistress Arella to lunch. Again another important decision. During our time in the car journeys & our conversation over lunch, I realised this was the Mistress I wanted to serve for the rest of my life. The domestic session I had with Mistress Arella was out of this world, probably the best session I had experienced outside of a dungeon, Mistress Arella showed great imagination in how the session progressed and I believe we both gained great enjoyment from the session.

Findom & Personal Slavery

Mistress Arella returned home to Czech Republic and I kept regular contact with her via Twitter & email. Then in October I received a polite email asking if I could assist in purchasing a lovely Karen Millen dress. It was so polite that Mistress Arella was not even asking me to pay for the dress, she was just asking if I could purchase the dress in the UK as it was more readily available there. She wanted this dress for her upcoming trip to Dubai. As I had some spare cash I willingly offered to pay for the dress. This is where my Findom slavery began.

This is an interesting subject, the media seem fascinated by Findom, they do not seem to understand what makes a man want to buy gifts for a Findom Mistress. Well let me explain, I do not actually class myself as a Findom slave, I am by no means rich, I have an average job & I class myself as Mr Average in society. I adore Mistress Arella & respect what she has achieved in a difficult & competitive profession. Mistress Arella deserves to be seen as one of the most accomplished Mistresses in the world, she is that talented. I enjoy being a service oriented slave, I will literally do whatever Mistress asks of me if it is within my capabilities, I gain as much enjoyment from that as I do in an actual session. So back to the Findom aspect, I enjoy buying Mistress Arella gifts, she does not force me to do it, she does not humiliate me into doing it, I do it because I gain great satisfaction in making Mistress Arella happy & unlike some Mistresses she is genuinely appreciative of the gifts I buy her.

Although I may not always have the money to buy the gifts I want to buy for Mistress Arella, if I do have spare cash I will make it my priority. My aim is to buy her at least one gift a month, which I feel is realistically achievable. However when I have a bit of extra money like I have done recently I will spoil her as much as I can. Is this being a findom slave? Some will see it as that, I personally don’t, I see it as wanting to make my Mistress happy. As a slave to Mistress Arella I want to improve her quality of life as much as I can, if I can assist in making Mistress Arella’s life that little bit better, I will & take great pride in that. It is what she truly deserves. There are too many timewasting so called slaves out there, I want to be one of the good ones.

Mistress Arella noticed how much effort I was putting into being a slave and offered me the position of her personal slave. This is the ultimate dream for me, a dream come true, an offer not to be missed. I now take great pride in being Mistress Arella’s personal slave, I have finally achieved what I have always wanted – to be a real slave to a beautiful Mistress. I will honestly do anything she asks of me.

I guess if the media read this article they would mock me, but I am doing what makes me happy in life, am I a Findom slave? I have spent thousands of pounds on Mistress Arella this year, so to some I am, to me I am not.


Genuine Casadei boots

Ultra luxurious pair of leather boots was just delivered to my door step as well as a set of lacy Chantelle lingerie! Both courtesy of slave K.





DSC_0112 2

I’m going to model both in my photo shoots scheduled for March 19th and 20th. Lucky you!