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I almost forgot

to mention another birthday gift I got. It´s a top quality suitcase that also happens to be huge so I´m totally ready to travel with all my kinky stuff now! Thanks A.!

I was also given some gift cards – again much appreciated… xx


Delayed birthday gift

This very elegant L K Bennett coat was just delivered this morning. It fits so well! Courtesy of my Middle Eastern slave. xx



Lingerie delivery

I am very pleased that the regular gift deliveries I was so used to last year had been resumed!


Look what I got this week…

I was very excited to find this chic leather handbag in one of the packages that were delivered this week. Seems K. is back and happy to serve again!



It is my birthday in April and I absolutely expect to be spoilt on this special occasion!

My Amazon wish list is available for those who have served me before. All the other fans are kindly asked to get me either the UK Amazon gift voucher or to tribute me.