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Unterwuerfling’s art part 2

I am bringing you more of the talented Unterwuerfling’s art. Enjoy!

Das neue Studio

“New dungeon”


“Foot massage – Mistress Arella and her slaves”


“Money slavery”

New way to tribute me

Good news! Now it is even easier to tribute me, just click here and fill in the details. Tributes over 100 USD are a subject to low commission percentage so be generous!



Leather dress was a gift from one of my favourite slaves, boots were paid for by James.


About online creeps

Apart from general timewasters (people who pretend to be interested in a session or other arrangement when they really are not so serious) and cheapskates (those very much interested in an encounter but unwilling to tribute for the privilege), the most annoying category of people who have the nerve to contact me are the so called online creeps. They are highly desperate blokes who instead of joining a local dating site have this “brilliant” idea to approach us dommes (I bet it happens to porn stars and models too) with brief description of themselves and sometimes a photo. They certainly don’t beat around the bush and despite their apparent loneliness they don’t come across as shy guys either. In fact, it is all pretty straight forward for my taste. The guy wants a girlfriend or a wife without: a) investing any time b) investing any energy / efforts c) investing any money.

Granted, odd things sometimes happen. I may be enchanted by the stranger’s courage to send me such a creepy email and respond back. Maybe I am as lonely as he is and appreciate any sort of human contact. Maybe I am just about to change my partner and this guy seems to be fitting the bill perfectly. That is all very well possible.



Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 21.09.41

Fine dining with your Pet

can look something like this…

dogs menux

Another pair of leather boots for the Mistress!

Contrary to popular belief we Mistresses don’t only wear killer heels. In fact we often prefer a pair of elegant, feminine yet reasonably comfortable shoes such as those I received this week.



This birthday gift was seriously delayed but better late than never!


So, do you enjoy what you do?

Subs as well as other kinksters often misunderstand the dynamics between a professional Mistress and her clients. They assume either she enjoys what she does (always) or she does not (ever), meaning she is in it just for the money or other perks of the lifestyle. I frankly don´t remember how many times a client asked me that annoying question or how many times someone felt compelled to start the whole conversation about genuine versus less enthusiastic dommes. I could accept that from seasoned players who have been through a lot and were referring to their own experience but you would be surprised how many of the inexperienced subs had the same strong views on us Mistresses.

There were times when my play partners sent me a “thank you” note afterwards to compliment me on my attitude. I have no doubts there were such who felt differently though. In one case an older client accused me of being somehow disinterested in our first two sessions, just to book two more subsequently as well as a dinner.  It seems the third and fourth time I got it eventually right because he said “You are a very good dominatrix”  just before I left his hotel the last night. I appreciated he eventually recognized that the initial lack of satisfaction on his side was mainly caused by his poor communication rather than my bad attitude and I was truly glad we managed to fix it if not right at the beginning, then at least half way through.

If you communicate openly, submit to her fully, refrain from topping from the bottom and manage to put her at ease by being a genuinely nice human being, chances are, she will have great time. Be difficult, over the top passive, disrespectful, waste her time or nag her and she will inevitably feel less positive about your encounter. Trust me, it really IS more about your attitude than it is about hers. Who would have thought so?

Next time you decide to book a session with a pro domme, bear it in mind. Instead of asking that notorious question, just do your best to please her. Make her laugh, bring her flowers or stand out of the crowd in your own way. Good luck!


Sexy leather

That was fast. I put these items on my wishlist only a week ago and here they are!



All Saints skirt

Advertising options

If you would like to advertise on this or my other blog, email me:

Mikel HarveyShe devil by Mikel Harvey.

Mustafa’s money

A few weeks ago, I got a really pathetic message from a 19 year old Mustafa A. who was enquiring about a session in the Netherlands. Granted, I did not think this teenager could afford my services, let alone have enough courage to meet an established domina like myself. In fact, this was not the first time he contacted me. After quite some hesitation I nevertheless responded with instructions how to secure my time. Then I forgot all about it because I felt the chance he would pay the deposit was really not much higher than zero. What was my surprise when I found out the next morning that not only he paid, it was more than double of the required amount. Back then I had a link to a GFM fund on my website and this lad paid into it.

Within a couple of hours, however, dear Musti was already demanding that his deposit gets refunded because he needs to go to Paris the same day and won’t be back for a while. Why he bothered with such an extremely lame excuse I don’t know. Probably because he is not the smartest boy.  Although this kid was obviously lying to me, I offered to meet him during my next visit of the Netherlands or do webcam session with him so that his credit would not get “wasted”. It is sad but he apparently felt that way about the spent money. So much for wanting to please a Mistress.

When Musti realized I would not refund the deposit, he disputed the transaction with PayPal (GFM uses PP to process the payments). It did not surprise me as some “submissives” can be pretty mean at the end of the day and Mustafa was never to be trusted to start with. I willingly took the risk and it backfired.  To make long story short, he did not get any of his money back, he did manage to waste quite a bit of my time and cause immense frustration.

I don’t know if he keeps checking my website but if he does, he will be pleased to know he got something for his money after all – public humiliation at its best.

I’m sure all the readers of my blog wholeheartedly agree that Mustafa is a stinky piece of shit who should stay away from the femdom scene.

***Musti, your money found a good home. I took this picture to tease and torment you. I do hope you learnt your lesson and won´t be messing with us dommes anytime soon again.***