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Gift of the day

These gorgeous leather heels were delivered just a moment ago… I’m loving them!


If you spoil me rotten…

I may even talk to you…


Short webcam sessions

Between May 12th and May 18th I will be offering special 15 min webcam sessions for 50 GBP / 60 Eur. Normally I only do half an hour so this is a great chance to have some fairly affordable fun with the Goddess. However, I am unsure whether I will be offering these short online sessions after 18th or not so I recommend that you grab the opportunity while it lasts. Email your sessions requests to: and I will get back to you promptly with payment details. Serious enquries only, as always.

* tease * degradation * foot modelling * leather * lingerie * furs * small cock humiliation * sissies * latex (limited collection) * boots * findom * anal play * roleplay * orgasm control and more

Kindly do not ask for practices incompatible with the online environment!


True devotion

To show you what real devotion is, I took this picture of my personal slave’s PC desktop. I doubt any of you will ever impress me as much as he has done but that doesn’t mean you should not try.

The first step is so easy and just anyone can do it:  Tribute me or send me something nice to my PO Box.


The leather top and gloves were gifts from the same slave.


I have created a special page for real life sessions and tried to make it as descriptive as possible including detailed instructions how to book a session, activities not on offer etc. I hope those who prefer face to face meetings find this improvement helpful.